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With over 25 years of building engineering history in Southern CA, Ken Sorensen has seen it all.  Working under the CMS umbrella his start was operating the first commercial high-rise building in Burbank, Glenoak's Plaza, for 10 years.  As the holdings grew, his responsibilities eventually covered operations for over a million square feet.

Buena Vista Engineering, under Ken Sorensen Enterprises, was established in 2005 to enable growth and continued management of properties CMS had sold.


Our approach to building engineering is that it is not about how many trouble tickets you handle but how many you prevent.  Our focus and mode of operations is that a properly maintained and run facility will result in fewer problems and longer equipment life.  All staff are trained and evaluated by the ability to identify a hazard or potential hazard and address it before the cost of resolution increases or ownership is exposed to any liability.


Dedication to service is the most public aspect of the Buena Vista Engineering culture.  Staff remain engaged through ongoing training and personal pride in a job well done.

Ken Sorensen - President

Ken Sorensen

As the founder, Ken Sorensen, is the heart and soul of Buena Vista Engineering.  Old fashioned work ethic and dedication to quality are not given lip service, but are ingrained in the corporate culture.

Beyond the years of service, Ken Sorensen is also a veteran, loving husband and grandfather many times over.

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