Portfolio of Sites & Projects.

Below is a composite of past and current sites Ken Sorensen and Buena Vista Engineering has operated.

Operated Burbank's first commercial high-rise from completion through sale six years later. This ten-story, 230,000 sf office building contained The Prudential, Bank of America, General Motors, Lockheed, and IBM.
Glenoak's Plaza

Operated 2600 West Olive project for 11 years.  It consists of six-story office building over 5 levels of parking.  Tenants include Disney, Central Casting, IDC Services/ Entertainment, Vidcom Post, and Emmis Broadcasting.
2600 W Olive

Operated Buena Vista Plaza office building for the past 17 years over two owners.  The single tenant, The Walt Disney Company, occupies the 7 levels of office and 4 levels of parking.
Buena Vista Plaza

The Empire Center began operations in 2005 for the original developer to assist with sale.  New ownership has retained Buena Vista Engineering since the purchase.  Two buildings on site with a total of 240,000 sq ft of commercial space.  Tenants include Deluxe Digital, Allianz Insurance, and Workers Compensation Insuance.
Empire Center

Operated La Mesa Village, a mixed-use project which covers approximately 5.6 acres, for 6 years until sold.  Facility includes the following:
- 144,000 square foot, two-level poured-in-place parking structure
- Four levels of condominiums (96 units)
- Three Commercial building with combined square footage of 70,259.
- 26,000 square feet of retail space
La Mesa Village

Parkview Plaza is two six-story office buildings totaling 300,000 SF. Three-level 1600 car subterranean parking structure. Operated vacant facility until it was sold to Hughes.
Manhattan Beach Exterior


 -  In 25 years, no client has been without air conditioning.

 -  Has managed 1 million square feet at one time.

 -  17 years of positive tenant relationship with Disney.

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